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Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG is a German family-owned company that operates worldwide and is known for its high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment, parts cleaning systems, wash water treatment, military decontamination equipment and window vacuum cleaners.Headquartered in Winnenden, Germany, it produces both cleaning equipment and full cleaning systems.

Karcher has a extremly poor ledership as an employer, there is no solid direction, no strategy and no comunnication, and employees are micromanaged, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Micromanaged, extremely poor leadership, no solid company direction except sell more and spend less. There is no strategy, communication is non existent."


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Operations (Former Employee) says

"From Upper Management to HR, working for this company was an absolute nightmare. There is no job security or room for advancement. There was zero accountability at every level of the organization. I would never recommend anyone work for this company."

INSPECTOR (Former Employee) says

"Not very well ran. U where more of a # than a person. Hrs where long and no a/c. At best my immediate co workers are why i stayed. They ended up closing the facility i worked at. We where compensated slightly. They lied about certain things on our severance package. I was not serprised. I at least made some friends and a few skills. I did get certified to use a high lift picker and was hazmat traineed on how to package amazon as well. I would not recommend the company as a whole but jose my immediate supervisor i would recommend..Close to work/ ins. Was goodNo a/c. Long hrs. 6 to 7 days a week. Low pay"

Senior Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. HR and management are not professional. They lied to me and many of my colleagues who are no longer there."

(Contractor) says

"If looking for relaxed respectful environment this is not for you. All.work all day 40+ hours each month end even longer. There is not much ethics here."

Sustaining Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company lacks direction and has horrible management. Top down approach that leaves departments in silos and creates an environment with equally poor communication. Very little innovation and no usage of modern technologies to advance products. Needs a drastic overhaul to keep up with competitors and thus far is doing a poor job.Individual employees are good people.Management is completely out of touch..."

encarregado de montagens (Former Employee) says

"Empresa com ótimo ambiente de trabalho porém mal administrada ao ponto de ter dado calote em vários empregados incluindo a mim.8 meses sem depositar o fundo de garantia, sem pagar nenhum centavo no acerto tendo eu que acionar a justiça para ver meus direitos."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"OK, but need to be careful while doing the things since this company never believe the personnel who are working with them."

1st shift Shipping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this place. Toxic work environment. The heroin issue was so bad. Everyone in the warehouse had to be tested because someone dropped a bag of dope on the floor during a shift."

Strategic Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management claims to be "customer centric. Company completed a customer survey to identify problems then ignored problems. Current executive sales management has hired all their friends regardless of their qualifications. They have fired any qualified people to make room for their friends. Bonus structure is completely unattainable. Company eliminated holiday bonus for the workers at the home office and production plant. They have no concerns for the people that work there either as an employee or a person."

IT Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Employees at my level would have changes to our jobs, without any notification/communication. No cross training. No training for new jobs as jobs gets eliminated/consolidatedCompany colors are cool. The local people are niceNo cross training"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Let's start with the positives, the health insurance options are good. If you're an exempt employee you can have as many days off as your manager will approve, normally 2-3 weeks. That's about it for good things. Here are the reasons you should consider not working here, 1) pay- there are no such thing as rasies here. The company struggles to turn a profit which is the only way to even get a chance to get paid more. Then if that happens you need to be a top performer year over year and have your manager like you enough to consider a very small 1-3% pay bump. There is a chance for a bonus but that hasn't happened in 3+ years and probably won't anytime soon because sales goals are unattainable. 2) middle management is clueless to it's employees moral and constantly asks for survey answer to guage feedback which with no change either continues to fall or stays the same because nothing is done. Which leads to.. 3) laxk of real change- this will never be a better place to work because management always gives the answer this is how it's always done and stays the same or any changes are just repackaged old ideas. it keeps the bad people in power position and drives away any good or reasonable talent the company did have.Health insurancePoor pay, lousy co-workers poor facilities"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you want to experience a layoff, work on low quality products, spend time around unhappy people, and have a terrible manager you should work here! Awful experienceLow expectationsEverything else"

Accounts Receivable Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management is based on immediate need and personal relationships verse experience and education. Wrong people wrong positions. Staff is repeatedly reassured how replaceable they are. Senior management seems to be unaware of what produces valuable employees. The companies benefits and perks are comparable to other companies of the same size. Turnaround as 80+ percent in some departments, due to poor management and my way or the highway narrowminded thinking. Privately owned following not compliance structure for years and now trying to backtrack and fix past issues with a sweep it under the rug mentality.ok benefits, employee discounts on products, flexible work schedules.Micromanagement, poor leadership, noncompliance structure"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The most poorly manged business. All employees are counting the days until they can retire. no passion from anyone. very little output and complete one poorly executed and bad quality engineering project every couple years. cutthroat and political environment. Good company and HR policies, but this is still not enough to attract any young and intelligent employees to stay long term. I strongly encourage you to not work for this company in Colorado.BenefitsEverything else"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Don’t care about employees, lie about company profits, no job advancement. They give the illusion that they care when in reality they will do massive company lay offs Becaus theyre too incompetent to manage revenue."

Dispatch (Former Employee) says

"Worked temps to the extreme, no notice of when your last day was. Even let people go a day or 2 before Christmas. Kept STUPID people working, I mean people who couldn't speak or email proper words!! Boss was ALWAYS cold so no air conditioning was allowed. Average temp at my desk was 80!Free lunch maybe once a monthWork place DRAMA, no air conditioning allowed in offices cuz boss was ALWAYS cold, people who couldn't speak properly were promoted"

Sustaining Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Archaic and antiquated machines that do not compare to low budget off-the-shelf machines of the common box store. Engineers who forgot how to engineer and are better suited for design work. Upper management primarily focuses on accomplishing timelines and little effort is given to quality. Products are embarrassing and infused with low quality... Company needs a drastic overhaul and engineers who have not forgotten the basics.No longer work there...Everything"

Retail Support (Former Employee) says

"You are just a Number at this Company. They will drop you anytime"

Purchasing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I did learn a lot as it was my first purchasing job I have had. My supervisor was great support to me and enjoyable to be around. Unfortunately one Co-worker in particular made it very difficult for me to perform my job. Meeting new peopleThey seem to treat their employees goodLong term temp. job"

Retail Support (Former Employee) says

"Made redundant out of the Blue. Company have not got a clue how to make redundancies and may well be finding themselves in very hot water. It looks like they are going to get done for unfair dismissal for around 20+ Employees."

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